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2021-06-23: … working through the logical implications of our assumptions What’s the purpose of mathematical modeling? « Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social …

2021-05-13: Machine learning toolkit in the browser from a single docker image. docker run -p 8080:8080 …

2021-05-13: Today I learned that to access netrw (Vim’s inbuilt file browser) I need to call :Explore.

2021-03-19: On a mission to responsibly build machine learning predictive models

2021-03-16: Git submodules Maybe the nicest explanation I’ve read so far. But then, they should know!

2021-03-10: By harnessing randomness, a new algorithm achieves a fundamentally novel — and faster — way of performing one of the most basic computations in math and computer science. Not just a cool scientific advance, but a very cool explanation of a new technique. For that matter, …

2021-03-02: Karl Broman What a cool set of resources including notes on R, make and more!

2021-02-24: Reflow a comment in Vim Visually select the text then gq

2021-02-24: Getting Ofelia to work I followed and modified the instructions here. This was much easier than trying to make do with the …

2021-02-23: Vim tips: file name completion? (triggered with <c-x><c-f>)

2021-02-19: A brief tutorial on decision curve analysis A simple, step-by-step guide to interpreting decision curve analysis



2021-02-12: 50 Years of Data Science ... 50 Years of Data Science: Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics: Vol 26, No 4: This …

2021-02-12: Science Isn’t Broken | FiveThirtyEight That variation [in results] occurs because science is hard. …

2021-02-12: Two photo-essays from work I cry a lot on the train home’: London medics fight to save Covid …